Laptop and Connection

Committed to Integrating the Latest in Technology

While many of our children are very knowledgeable in most aspects of technology, Mosaica Ed is well aware of the budget constraints in public schools that can keep students from receiving the training and interaction with technology they need. That’s why we go out of our way to ensure students receive the immersion they need to learn and become effective adults in the working world.

Free Laptop and Software

At Mosaica Ed, we don’t simply preach the benefits of technology integration – we actively make it happen for all of our students with a FREE laptop and software for all those enrolled in our programs.

Each computer comes fully ready and preloaded with the software and tools they need to learn their coursework. Through the use of technology, Mosaica Ed enhances instruction, while improving retention and recall.

Our parents agree – these tools help improve their children’s learning experiences. In addition, the technology we employ aids in grade tracking, scheduling and communication. Contact one of our enrollment specialists (click here). Also, check out our specific programs and courses.