3-5 Curriculum

Students at the upper elementary level possess the skills to navigate through computer lessons and instructions as needed. However, they do need occasional support from an adult facilitator throughout the day.

The list below provides some links to sample online activities used in Mosaica classes. Remember, these are simply activities that, as stand‐alone elements, do not provide a complete instructional lesson. For the complete lesson, the teacher would provide instruction on the concept and the adult facilitator would support that instruction as needed.

Language Arts

Tossed Up Talents
In this interactive flash‐based activity, students are introduced to word analysis by identifying various homophones that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings.

Lupita Manana Background
In this learning module, students explore content through discovery and activate prior knowledge in preparation for reading the literature selection.

Comma Confusion
In this interactive activity, students learn the importance of using commas correctly in a variety of situations.


Solving Equations with Addition and Subtraction
In this Flash‐based lesson, students solve algebraic equations using inverse operations.

Cannonball Clowns
In this manipulatives‐based activity, students estimate distance. (Access to this link is limited without appropriate login credentials.)

Expanding up to Billions
In this activity, students learn about place value in an interactive format.

Right Back at You
In this manipulatives‐based activity, students will identify and classify angles as right, obtuse, or acute.


Pond Ecosystem
In this manipulatives‐based activity, students measure the temperature and oxygen content of a pond over the course of a day. Then they go fishing to see what types of fish live in the pond. Many different ponds can be investigated to determine the influence of time, temperature, and farms on oxygen levels. (Access to this link is limited without appropriate login credentials.)

What Should I Eat?
In this flash‐based module, students learn about food groups and eating healthy.

Mission to Mercury
In this flash‐based activity, students learn about the planet Mercury.

Social Studies

Social Studies standards are met through the delivery of our proprietary Paragon curriculum. Paragon replaces the traditional history and social studies curriculum, balances cultural literacy content with hands‐on learning, teaches to the Multiple Intelligences, and fulfills state and national history, social studies and geography standards. Please see the separate Paragon portfolio for a full description of this curriculum.