The Homeschool Advantage

Homeschool Advantages:

- Curriculum is chosen from the best homeschool curriculum providers (research and comparison burden is lifted from parents)

- No out-of-pocket expense for curriculum

- Free laptop computer for every enrolled student (multiple laptop computers for families)

- State required record keeping is done for you

- Mosaica Online is fully accredited and your child will receive a high school diploma

- Both parents can easily monitor their child’s progress

- Mosaica provides free tutoring for students

- Parents can still incorporate their own faith based curriculum

- Students will be taught using state-of-the-art technology that will prepare them for the world ahead

- Home school students can also purchase single or multiple classes

Parents are looking for the same solution: a way to have control over our children’s education. Whether it is for faith-based reasons, due to over crowding of the schools, poor student performance, health issues, avoiding being taught “to the test”, or family relocating or traveling, we want to find an option that fulfills our need for control and quality. Mosaica Online has options available in every state. Some states offer free tuition based on state residence. In other states tuition is paid by parents. Tuition is about the same as an economical private brick and mortar school.
As veteran homeschool parents, we understand the need for a better way to homeschool. With children of different grade levels and genders, we face the day-to-day frustrations of trying to keep an “active” son occupied while teaching his “bookworm” sister.
Mosaica Online offers all the solutions for homeschool parents! Mosaica Online is the perfect choice for Classical Homeschoolers. History is taught chronologically, and the Humanities and Arts follow the time-line being studied for the year.
Having a lap-top for EACH child is essential! Fighting over the single desktop that belongs to the family, as well as running into issues of finding enough hard-drive space to accommodate CD Rom driven curriculum had been a nightmare in the past! Mosaica Online provides a laptop for every child in the family that is enrolled.
Mosaica Online takes away the fear of not having enough time to look at all the on-line curriculum resources available. Mosaica Online does the footwork for you, and constantly checks for newer and better resources as they come available. Mosaica Online preloads the curriculum on the laptop for you!
Keeping attendance records, daily grades, report cards, high school transcripts, portfolios, and worrying about a University accepting your children’s homeschool education is no longer a worry, since Mosaica Online does all the record keeping, and is fully accredited so that they graduate with a high school diploma.  AP courses in high school, and SAT preparation classes are also available for homeschoolers.
Most parents do not consider them self an expert in every field, and find that the daunting task of teaching in certain areas such as Chemistry or Calculus might pose a problem. This need is nicely taken care of by Mosaica Online, as we provide certified teachers in all courses, and are available to answer questions one-on-one when students have questions. If there are additional courses you would like to incorporate into your child’s education, such as Bible, you have that option as well.
This is also well suited for children that may be preparing for a performing career, practicing as a top athlete, or traveling with the family around the world. Watch the video below from ABC15 in Arizona. Barbara Williams explains the advantages that Mosaica Online Education gives homeschoolers and their families. Mosaica  Online Education is tuition free in Arizona , Southern California and Colorado. View the video below to learn more about the Mosaica Online Homeschool Advantage.

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