K-12 Online Schools

Our Comprehensive Programs

When it comes to the ways children are educated, Mosaica is aware of the many different needs students require. Some children need a hands-on approach and have learning challenges all the way through every level of education. Others are self directed in their educational pursuits and are looking for new ways to be challenged. Mosaica Online has spent thousands of hours and a great deal of resources in developing programs for every particular need.

Online Homeschool Advantage

Parents are looking for the same solution: a way to have control over our children’s education. Whether it is for faith-based reasons, due to over crowding of the schools, poor student performance, health issues, avoiding being taught “to the test”, or family relocating or traveling, we all want to find an option that fulfills our need for control and quality. Mosaica is the answer. Mosaica has options available in every state. Some states offer free tuition based on state residence (Arizona , Southern California and Colorado). In other states tuition is paid by parents. Tuition is about the same as an economical private brick and mortar school. Individual courses are also available for purchase. Read More

Online Public Schools (Mosaica Online Academy)

School districts everywhere have realized that online learning is a great supplement to existing coursework in the classroom. And with every young person out there growing up with a computer, experienced on a keyboard from an early age, we have a responsibility and opportunity to use online tools to meet their learning needs. Working with the best public e-schools and teachers in the country, Mosaica Online is a leading online learning provider serving K–12 online schools.

Online Private Schools (Mosaica Online Prep)

Mosaica Prep is an online international private school for K-12 students. Mosaica Prep offers a hands-on classical education and is revolutionizing the quality and accessibility of private education. Mosaica’s role is to provide the depth and breadth of curriculum content and instructional expertise a student would experience in the finest American private schools. Mosaica Prep is available wherever an Internet connection exists. Click here for Mosaica Prep’s calendar for the upcoming 2012-2013 school year.

Charter Schools (Arizona , Southern California and Colorado)

Mosaica Academies are tuition-free, leading-edge public charter schools for students in Kindergarten through 12th Grade. Mosaica Academy offers teacher-directed, personalized online instruction for learning at home.

Part Time Programs

From test preparation courses to supplemental online programs, Mosaica also offers a wide number of part time programs that are available for students everywhere. Need to study for the SAT, ACT or TOEFL? Looking for the best Advanced Placement® courses, World Language courses, or core and elective courses for original credit and acceleration? Mosaica offers solutions for all your specific part time needs. Click here to see our course listings page.