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Welcome to Great Plains Academy – Mosaica’s Online School in Colorado!

Great Plains Academy is a college prep, tuition-free, teacher-directed online program for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. We offer a completely online program for homeschoolers and those wanting a global education rich in cultural literacy, arts and sciences.


Our Advantage:

  • Our Mosaica Online Education is based on “Classical Education”
  • Free Laptop (not desktop) For Each Student
    (not just one per family)
  • Curriculum chosen from the best homeschool and online education providers

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Read what people are saying about Great Plains Academy:

“Having my daughter enrolled not only affords our family the opportunity of learning in a home environment, it also doesn’t limit us to stay at home while she is learning. Just recently our family was able to take a vacation in Hawaii. My daughter was able to log on and work on her assignments while enjoying our stay on the island. Everything that is accessible for her at home was accessible for her while we were away. It is a joy to have that kind of freedom.” – Parent

“I was really falling behind at my old school, but at Mosaica I’m getting A’s!” - Student, Seventh Grade

“Each one of my children get their own laptop computer which is very important since I have four children in the Mosaica program.” – Parent

“My favorite class is Paragon Social Studies. We study historical figures and different cultures of the world and build things and complete projects that help us understand the time period. This year we studied Egypt and I made a life-size mummy! So cool!” – Student, Fourth Grade

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